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In order to protect customer privacy, samples inconvenience publicly released. All kinds of past work samples available upon request, for your reference. Thanks for understanding!

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Audio Works Directory£º
Sound engineering exhibition picture£º

Italian opera£º

Italian, mp3 file: 4.6MB,
duration: 6 minutes.

Air Canada ad£º
Chinese / English. Mp3 file: 3.2MB,
duration: 4 minutes.

Band recording a£º
.mp3 files: 491KB, length: 35 seconds.

Band recording b£º
.mp3 files: 570KB, length: 41 seconds.

Music: "Schindler's List" theme song£º
.mp3 files: 4.6MB, duration: 6 minutes.
Cisco system courseware£º
Chinese, mp3 file: 669KB Length: 42 seconds.

Microsoft FrontPage Courseware£º
Chinese, mp3 file: 516KB Length: 32 seconds.

Chinese, mp3 file: 1.2MB, duration: 1 minute.

Chinese, mp3 file: 5.5MB, duration: 8 minutes.

Songs:A small rabbit.
Chinese, mp3 file: 387KB Length: 24 seconds.

Story:The rose red clothes.
Chinese, mp3 file: 4.6MB, duration: 7 minutes.

Corprate Advertising
Chinese,mp3 files: 822KB, length: 52 seconds.

The studio's films take safe broadcast as the standard. Website samples, only for watching and listening, do not make it to other use. Hereby declare!

Contact us£º

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