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Price Details

The price is for reference only, depending on the actual situation, in accordance with the interviews

Basic criteria:
1, AU $ 160 / working hours (fine film editing);
2, AU $ 140 / working hours (rough editing: in chronological order);
3, AU $ 120 / working hours (shooting: provide full material).
Published price is for reference only, specific issues Negotiable according to actual situation:

A, personal series: MV / youth photo / Job VCD / Children's record of their growth / production of wedding photography shooting footage.

B, Business Series: Conference Exhibition / Business Promotion

B.1. Conference Exhibition:
Conference / Exhibition / Festival / Party / Network video /etc.
B.2. Enterprise Promotion:
Promotional Video / Feature film / Production of commercial feature film/ Corporate songs MTV / Product introductions.

C, Audio and video publications series:
Lecture / Training / Demonstration courses / Video publications, film production.

D, TV Series:
Advertising / Feature film.

E, CD-ROM Series:CD / DVD / VCD / Interactive CD-ROM / Production Packaging / Replication.

F, Special projects series:
Large rocker arm / Track / lift / Lighting / Aerial photography.

G,Aanimation series:
2D / 3D / Animation / Effect diagram.



A, Personal series: MV / Youth photo / Job VCD / Children's record of their growth / Wroduction of wedding photography shooting footage

1, Wedding: HD digital video camera , professional director / camera / editor
Shooting programs based on specific quotes.

1.1, The wedding video: AU$399(2.5 working hours)

1.1.1, location: the whole process of wedding ceremony
1.1.2, DVD: Editing personalized music, art CD

1.1.3,final data files:full shooting materials,original final film(has not been compressed),final DVD
1.1.4, final DVD:two DVDs

1.2, Extreme wedding video: AU$684(4.5 working hours)
1.2.1, Location: wedding ceremony and the reception until the speech ended.
1.2.2, DVD DVD: compilation, editing 1 hour into the film; plus 10-minute works of art, personalized music, art CD-ROM, DVD Box Design
1.2.3, two copies of the DVD disc

1.3, Hardcover wedding video: AU$1,224(8.5 working hours)
1.3.1, location: Since the wedding ceremony began, hospitality receptions, lectures, garden recording and all the reception until midnight
1.3.2, DVD DVD: compilation, editing 2 hours into the film; plus 15 minutes of music personalized works of art, works of art CD-ROM, DVD-style menu for chapter selection, DVD Box Design
1.3.3, three copies of the DVD disc

1.4, Whole day wedding video: AU$1,428(10.5 working hours). If until midnight:AU$1,600(12 working hours)
1.4.1, Venue: early morning from the home of the bride and groom start the wedding ceremony, the reception, lectures, garden recording and all the reception until midnight
1.4.2, DVD DVD: compilation, editing 2-3 hours into the film; plus 20-minute personalized music, art, art CD-ROM, DVD-style menu for chapter selection, DVD Box Design
1.4.3, five copies of the DVD disc

Additional copies of each CD-ROM: AU$5 / flat
Additional Wedding Title: AU$50
Pre-wedding shoot: AU$100 / hour
The bride and groom's story: Filming and editing: AU$300
From the competition video DVD: AU$15 /disc

2, birthday party
Including camera, editing, title sequence, music, subtitles, cover: from AU$320 / time

3, children grow up documentary

4, youth photo album

5, individual MV

6,Apply Special Resume CD
Provided I resume, achievements, certificates, works. Minutes personal self-introduction videos, live photo number: from AU$320 / disk. A larger quantity, price is negotiable.


B,Business Series:
B1,The Conference Exhibition: Conference / Exhibition / Festival / party / network video recording capture

1.1, exhibition factual information on the film: shot live professional exhibitions, fairs, grand occasion, interviews show business, exhibitors and audiences, create and display a comprehensive brand exhibition organizer

1.2, Chinese enterprises in the documentary: film exhibitors booth at the exhibition on the theme, exhibition events, public relations activities, interviews with responsible persons of exhibitors, visit to visit clients, exhibitors displayed the brand image;

1.3, conference camera: shoot the exhibition organizers, exhibitors at the exhibition held during the seminars, sharing sessions, summit, forums, receptions, performances and other types of conduct of business activities and conduct of business according to customer needs editing Snapshots films, feature films;

1.4, exhibitors sales promotion films: produced exhibitors during the exhibition to use sales promotion films, the image of APIs, exhibitors showcase the brand, management, technology, products, services, companies will be participating promotion activities extend to the outside venues.

1.5, unit celebrations: including camera, editing, music, subtitles.

1.6, the meeting archiving: including camera, editing, subtitles.

1.7, Network Video: Containing points of a shooting script, camera, editing, narration, music, subtitles, full HD video format converter, and upload the specified server. Such as Youtube.

Our production team composed of professional film and television, high-middle and low equipment to choose from, providing the perfect solution.
Filming + Editing + DVD: Meeting from AU$479, the celebration from AU$539.
The original material can be reserved for you for three months.Need a multi-camera shooting, large BETACAM / DVCPRO cameras, price interviews

B2,Enterprise Marketing: Promotional Video / feature film / feature film production of commercials / corporate songs MTV / product introductions

2.1. Corporate video Can effectively enhance the corporate image, to better display their products and services. , Depending on the form of corporate videos; the length of recording time; use of equipment; the need for 3D animation and other factors lead to very different production costs, this offer is for reference only.

2.1.1.Image videos for small business / Enterprise feature films, etc.

DVCPRO camera shooting
Professional director / cameraman / lighting engineers / specify the announcer commentary / titles trailers
Post-professional non-linear clips
About AU $ 2880 (shooting 1 day / Broadcasting Institute student voice / camera-cum-light)
AU $ 3.58 thousand (shooting one day / orbit / radio announcer / professional lighting engineers)

2.1.2. Shoot production for standard corporate image videos.
High-definition digital video camera (typical corporate videos recommended)
Professional director / cameraman / lighting engineers / radio professional announcer commentary / titles Trailer
Post-production Apple workstations, high-end non-linear editing
AU $ 5480 (shooting one day / orbit)
AU $ 6880 (shooting 2 days / track 1 days + rocker one day)

2.1.3. Suitable for city / Development Zone / attractions / corporate videos.
Urban image film and development zones videos are better able to boost its profile and promote investment.
Full HD video camera
Professional director / cameraman / lighting team / professional announcer commentary / titles Trailer
SGI workstations in the late high-end non-linear engine room (FLINT / SMOKE / Quantel)
AU $ 10690 (shooting one day / orbit)
AU $ 14490 (shooting 2 days / track 1 days + rocker one day)
If you need to multi-day shoot, the offer will be given according to the specific program.

2.1.4.For the City / Zone / attractions / corporate videos.
Cameras +16 mm film shooting
Professional director / photographer / lighting team / radio professional announcer / titles Trailer
SGI workstations in the late high-end non-linear engine room (FLINT / SMOKE / Quantel)
AU $ 17120 (ten to shoot one day / orbit)
AU $ 21800 (ten, shot 2 days / track 1 days + rocker one day)
If you need to multi-day shoot, the offer will be given according to the specific program.
2.2. Business is business investment for the MTV music
Business investment is taken to promote corporate culture, enhance staff cohesion and MTV, singers, chorus by employees.Join the corporate propaganda on MTV.

2.3. Product Demo CD-ROM
Real estate, investment show, real estate sales, publicity and tourist attractions, school enrollment, listing publicity, hotels promotion, brand promotion and for franchise, product or service promotion: including descriptions of function, methods of operation and frequently asked questions.
Your customers in a short time to enjoy the full range and focus to show the functions and features of your product. Thin layer of a CD-ROM (or a small-capacity USB) allows customers to quickly understand your company's products and services, and there are repeated opportunity to show.
You can also loop your in-store product demo CD. When your store is closing after free sales (large flat-screen TV) in your windows loyalty to work for you, improve customer retention and store visibility. Stimulate the customers desire to buy in order to achieve the purpose.

2.4. Electronic product manual
Multimedia CD-ROM to publish the directory of the company's products, product manuals, operator training, technical documentation, drivers, and installation instructions. Description of the product's features and uses. Instead of a thick manual. Multimedia CD-ROM as a new information carrier, the set text, graphics, images, animation, sound in one, making the dissemination of information easier.
Our production team consisting of professionals, full high-definition digital video camera. And planning programs. Director / Professional cameraman / captions / titles trailers, post-Apple workstations clip.
Shooting + editing + the DVD:
Corporate song video AU $ 959 from the product demo CD AU $ 639 from the electronic product manuals based on the specific circumstances of questionable price.
You keep the original material for three months. Need a multi-camera shooting, large BETACAM / DVCPRO cameras. Price is negotiable.

C,Audio and video publications, Series: Lecture / training / demonstration courses / video publications, film production
Tailor-made for you according to the different needs of a variety of shooting programs, professional production team, and the Audio and Video Press film production of audio-visual publications, production level of publication class requirements, please make an appointment to consult personally, consultation production program and offer.                                                                                                                             
D,TV Series: Advertising / feature film
1, TV ads: camera, editing, production of (including creative, production, voice synthesis): from AU $ 1998/30 seconds into the film
2, Television and feature films: with the points of a shooting script, camera, editing, narration, music, subtitles (three minutes for the smallest unit): AU$1498 / min into the film.

E,CD-ROM series:
Picture DVD: Per 100 plates from AU$268. including the soundtrack, subtitles, titles, credits, each plus an additional AU$1.8/plate.600 paltes have discount of twenty percent.

DVD ripping: each disk of AU$60 from the Israel Optibase compression card (published level)

Interactive CD-ROM Production: Each AU $ 998 from package soundtrack commentary, titles credits plus 2D and 3D effects are negotiable.

DVD Mastering: each plate AU$298 must provide the power of attorney (required agent should provide a valid certificate)

Copy of the CD-ROM: each AU$0.48 platen 3000 (the disk for each additional color, per additional AU $0.1; offset printing, each additional AU$0.6)

CD packaging: each plate AU$2-10 to sample Negotiable

Bulk copy DVD disc pressure plate: 3000, AU$1.3/disc

Recording disk: disk 20, AU$3/plate

DVD authoring: Each single-sided standard 4.7G DVD master disc AU$680, sub-plate for each AU $ 8, recordable DVD-R (Japan's TDK produced).

On a single DVD disc replication: with box, disc cover design,

print: AU$20/tray

Leaflets VCD discs to copy: AU$10/plate

1,000-3,000 AU$ 0.52/plate
3,000-5,000 AU$ 0.48/plate
5,000-10,000 AU$ 0.45/plate

Standard CD-ROM:
1,000 AU$ 0.35/plate
2,000 AU$ 0.31/plate
3,000 AU$ 0.3/plate
5,000 AU$ 0.29/plate
10,000 AU$ 0.28/plate

Disk printing:
(1) disk printing film and plate AU$ 60
(2) packaging: prices are negotiable

Professional mother plate of the plate: (master disc can be used for customers on file, re-use): AU$ 260/plat.

F,Special projects series: Specifications / Time / Price and Description:
Professional camera
AU$960 a day(8 hours) of SONY PMW-EX1R Digital (with commercials)
SONY 150P 190p DVcam Panasonic AG-DVC180AMC (feature film use)
(Need to track, lifts, aerial, large-scale lighting systems, etc. discussed separately)

G,Animation series:
Two-dimensional animation: AU$30 / sec (General subtitles), AU$180 / sec (scene complexity)

Three-dimensional animation
AU$120 / sec (usually scene \ luminous efficiency)
AU$200 / s (scene complexity \ characters)
Three-dimensional renderings: (100MB under / site) AU$200-AU$2,000 specific Negotiable

Dubbing AU$360 for every 30 minutes presentation explained pairs of sound by double discount for each purchase AU$600 movements, facial features with the

Background music for every AU$4/minutes.                                                                                                                                 -TOP>

Sound Synthesis AU$360 per minute required to compose another proposal for commercial purposes must provide proof of copyright royalty .

KaraOK subtitles for every AU$60 in the first overlay, stain, no more than 5 minutes per song.

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