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Ideal Audio-Visual Studio, Melbourne, Australia.

Oliver Lee
Free videographer,Recording engineer & Tuner,independent producer, director, post-non-linear editor.
Phone:04 505050 91

Ideal Audio-Visual studio, registered in Sydney in 2009. (Established in 2002 in Beijing, China. Formerly: Beijing Ideal Audio-Visual Studio.) Engaged in audio & video technology, professional services for 15 years. Including project planning, producing, professional camera shooting, recording, mixing, filming, sound engineering, satellite TV based station design and construction, installation and commissioning. Extensive areas of my clients, including discos, dance halls, cinemas, sports, live performances, studios, virtual studios, television stations, radio stations, hospitals, banks, government agencies, enterprises and independent production artists.

2009 in Sydney, Australia, after the relocation, we help a television station to shoot and produce news. We have accumulated a lot of works and work experience during the years of professional work.

Currently, provides you HD video, full range of film planning, filming, production services. Including commercials, feature films, product promotion films, corporate videos, sales, activity sheets, electronic brochures online video advertising.

Various important meetings, conferences, training seminars shooting. News, drama, plot video, documentaries, current affairs, life, occupational safety and health, cooking and sport shows, digital cinema, radio and television filming. Wedding and wedding planning, photography, personal photo project; friends get-together party; birthday party, baby full moon party, growth commemorative activities, archives and other special gatherings. Multi-camera covers, final DVD production

My clients and business:
Individual customers: wedding, wedding planning MC filming, personal photo project; friends get-together party; birthday, full moon, growing memorial, funeral.
Business customers: Wedding studio, advertising companies, tourist companies, film / animation / art / media arts colleges; education issuer; research institutions; real estate developer.
Enterprise customers: conference filming, opening/celebration activities, thematic, advertising, product description.
Professional customers: mobile content providers, Internet content providers, television (TV series) and the media, film production companies.

Specialized equipment and technology:
Can provide a variety of professional video formats:
A cameraman / SONY PMW-EX1R full HD camcorder / 16GB high-speed memory card X2, 32GBX1 / lighting / Sennheiser wireless sound record system / Manfrotto tripod / force beat Caster

Price list
HD format recording: including video camera / lighting / sound recording.
$ 480 + GST / half day / 4 hours of work, Sony-XD-PMW-EX1R Full HD camcorder
$ 815 + GST / day / 8 hours of work, Sony-XD-PMW-EX1R Full HD camcorder

Please keep your convenient way to check:
Phone Number:04 505050 91



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